Vehicle Auctions

Every other Wednesday, rain or shine, Quick Silver Towing holds FREE public impound auctions for vehicles abandoned at our impound facility. We auction cars, motorcycles, boats, motorhomes, trucks, and trailers as well as other types of motorized transport. Vehicles are sold “as is” to the highest bidder for impound charges owed.

Auctions are held EVERY OTHER WEDNESDAY.

Viewing starts at 6:00 PM: Bidding starts at 7:00 PM. All auctions are open to the public and are held in accordance to Civil Code Sections 3071 & 3072. A valid, government issued ID is required for bidder registration and full payment (cash only) is required at the time of final bid.

For an overview of our auction procedures and complete list of helpful DMV forms, click here. For our vehicle terms of sale, click here. All auction terms and conditions are posted on this website, at our auction facility, and printed on the back of the bidder registration card. Please call (310) 478-1201 for questions and further details.

Current and Upcoming Auctions

Current Week Auctions

No auctions for this week.

Next Week Auctions

Make Model Color Body Type Year VIN Auction Date
DODG CVN WHI VN 17 2C4RDGEGXHR825863 12/7/2022
NISS SEN BLK 4D 06 3N1CB51D16L631702 12/7/2022
BUIC LCR SIL 4D 06 2G4WD582561129264 12/7/2022
FORD EC1 WHI VN 06 1FTRE14W86DB44099 12/7/2022
HYUN SFE GRY SU 03 KM8SC73D53U485008 12/7/2022
MAZD MZ5 BLK UNKN 10 JM1CR2WL9A0370333 12/7/2022
HYUN SFE BLK SU 02 KM8SC13D22U258158 12/7/2022
MERZ C24 BLK 4D 03 WDBRF61J33F429651 12/7/2022
VOLK EUR WHI VN 93 WV2MD070XPH047125 12/7/2022
LEXS 250 BLK 4D 09 JTHBK262992089199 12/7/2022
HOND CIV GRY 2D 02 1HGEM22092L065127 12/7/2022
BMW 525 BLK 4D 07 WBANE53517CW67449 12/7/2022
TOYT COA WHI 4D 88 JT2AE93E9J3046145 12/7/2022
MERZ ML3 SIL SU 01 4JGAB54E41A246428 12/7/2022
HOND CIV SIL 2D 02 1HGEM21522L094689 12/7/2022
DODG MAG RED SU 06 2D4FV47T56H241305 12/7/2022
HOND ACC BLK 4D 06 JHMCM56406C001308 12/7/2022
NISS FRT WHI PK 00 1N6DD26S7YC372033 12/7/2022
GENU CYL GRY MS 16 RFVPAC208G1017259 12/7/2022
GENU CYL WHI MS 07 RFVPAC20471002239 12/7/2022