Vehicle Auctions

Every other Wednesday, rain or shine, Quick Silver Towing holds FREE public impound auctions for vehicles abandoned at our impound facility. We auction cars, motorcycles, boats, motorhomes, trucks, and trailers as well as other types of motorized transport. Vehicles are sold “as is” to the highest bidder for impound charges owed.

Auctions are held EVERY OTHER WEDNESDAY.

Viewing starts at 6:00 PM: Bidding starts at 7:00 PM. All auctions are open to the public and are held in accordance to Civil Code Sections 3071 & 3072. A valid, government issued ID is required for bidder registration and full payment (cash only) is required at the time of final bid.

For an overview of our auction procedures and complete list of helpful DMV forms, click here. For our vehicle terms of sale, click here. All auction terms and conditions are posted on this website, at our auction facility, and printed on the back of the bidder registration card. Please call (310) 478-1201 for questions and further details.

Current and Upcoming Auctions

Current Week Auctions

Make Model Color Body Type Year VIN Auction Date
BMW 535 BLU 4D 08 WBANW13558CZ74257 1/19/2022
GMC ACA SIL SU 10 1GKLRMED5AJ163670 1/19/2022
HYUN SFE MAR SU 02 KM8SC73D02U314648 1/19/2022
BUIC CEN GRY 4D 02 2G4WS52J221227703 1/19/2022
SUZI CYL BLU MC 03 JS1GN7BA132101548 1/19/2022
HYUN SON BLK 4D 13 5NPEB4AC1DH725521 1/19/2022
TOYT SOL BLU 2D 06 4T1CE38P06U589842 1/19/2022
NISS PTH SIL SU 07 5N1AR18U17C615605 1/19/2022
TOYT PRI BLU 05 JTDKB20U553055213 1/19/2022
DODG DAK GRY PK 01 1B7GL2AN91S215216 1/19/2022
NISS ALT GRY 4D 03 1N4BL11D93C250868 1/19/2022
CHRY TOW GLD PK 00 1C4GP54L1YB524575 1/19/2022
FORD CNT GRN 4D 96 3FALP65L7TM107696 1/19/2022
HOND ACC SIL 2D 05 1HGCM72735A005541 1/19/2022
HOND CIV GRY 4D 12 JHMFB2F57CS002564 1/19/2022
HOND ACC SIL 4D 03 1HGCM665X3A075652 1/19/2022
TOYT AVA BLK 4D 98 4T1BF18B5WU235719 1/19/2022
FORD MUS BLK 2D 07 1ZVFT80N975298778 1/19/2022
JEEP CHK WHI SU 93 1J4FJ78S8PL545209 1/19/2022
INFI I35 WHI 4D 03 JNKDA31A03T105713 1/19/2022
TOYT TK WHI PK 83 JT4RN44D6D1152135 1/19/2022
HOND ACC GRN 4D 00 JHMCG5678YC012741 1/19/2022
BMW X3 BLK SU 09 WBXPC93409WJ28213 1/19/2022
TOYT PRI SIL 07 JTDKB20U877564921 1/19/2022
FORD EPD BLU SU 03 1FMFU18L13LA25748 1/19/2022
FORD XPL WHI SU 99 1FMZU34EXXZB92094 1/19/2022
HOND CYL RED MC 15 MLHNC5212F5100433 1/19/2022
VESP UNK BLK MS 09 ZAPC386B895500921 1/19/2022
HOND ACC WHI 4D 07 1HGCM56487A227029 1/19/2022
CADI DEV WHI 4D 93 1G6CD53B9P4284505 1/19/2022
SCIO TC PLE HB 08 JTKDE167380244145 1/19/2022

Next Week Auctions

No auctions for this week.